Funny it is when we see humans can attach myths with anything under the sun. Leather bags are also not left out. 

I get that, carrying bags can be tiresome and painful but this happens if it is not worn properly. We certainly have a choice when it comes to buying leather bags, some of the features are - style, durability, cost, size, color, etc. However, a large section of customers has the “weight of the bag” on top of their checklist. 

Below are few comments by fellow customers about what they feel about the weight of leather bags:

“I find I don't use my leather ones as often because of the weight. I walk a couple of miles a day so lugging a heavy bag for style purposes doesn't work.”

“I don't think that leather necessarily means that it is heavier. There are nice leather bags that are not heavier than the similar bags in non-leather.”

“I love the quality of leather bags but often find them heavy too.”