Member's Mark Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee, Single-Serve Cups (80 ct.)

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You love the smooth, rich aroma and full flavor of 100% Columbian coffee but you just don't want all of that caffeine. With Member's Mark Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee, you get the best of both worlds, a well-balanced taste and medium body in a caffeine-free coffee that's perfect for any time of the day.

With decaffeinated Colombian Coffee, this coffee means you'll never have to sacrifice flavor. Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans imported from the Republic of Columbia, delicious, caffeine-free coffee is always within reach. Imagine being able to enjoy coffee in the evening without having to worry that it will keep you awake. Now with single-serve cups, you can.

We're Proud to Say That Our Columbian Decaf Coffee is Fair Trade Certified

We buy our caffeine-free coffee from small family farmers in the Republic of Colombia. By buying our coffee directly from farmers, we are helping them to create sustainable livelihoods, enjoy safe working conditions and build stronger communities.

Do You Believe That Value is Just as Important as Taste?

Member's Mark Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee comes in an 80-cup package that's ideal for waiting areas, employee break rooms and households like yours that love hot coffee. These single-serve cups are compatible with all single-serve brewing machines, including Keurig. Best of all, they can be stored at room temperature, so you can take a few with you wherever you go.

If you love the rich, satisfying flavor of real 100% Arabica coffee from Columbia, but don't want all of the caffeine, try caffeine-free coffee from Member's Mark.

Sourcing Story

Member's Mark coffee comes from a range of cooperatives in Colombia. This coffee is purchased directly from a co-op of farmers and growers, Cooperativa de los Andes, which helps them put food on their table, support their families and invest in their communities. Each purchase aids in the development of family farmers, ensuring their growth and progress for generations to come. Additionally, Cooperativa de los Andes created a second payment program, a Fair Trade premium provided directly to the farmers so they can buy fertilizer and meet other needs. This program has benefited 3,582 farmers to date.

Farmer Quote: “I believe in the Fair Trade program because it really does provides us with a stable and fair premium. This is important because it helps us budget our year. Remember we really only receive income three months a year. So it’s a difficult business. Also, the support we have received is always very helpful. For example, the school uniforms for our youngest child, the workshops, the construction materials for our warehouses, the emergency kit, extinguisher... I mean, these are very valuable!”

Making a difference, one brew at a time.

Every time you drink Fair Trade Certified coffee, you help improve the lives of farmers and workers by enabling them to create sustainable livelihoods, safe conditions and stronger communities.

Over $3.5 million invested.

When you shop Fair Trade Certified products, you help give farmers and their communities sustainable livelihoods, safer conditions, education and so much more.

Policies & plans


  • Colombian grown
  • OU Kosher
  • (80) .40 oz (11.6 g) single-serve cups
  • Net weight: 32.45 oz (920 g)


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