Heinz Condiments Picnic Pack (4 pk.)

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Heinz® Picnic Pack (4 pk.) is an economical choice as it saves you money versus buying the two bottles of Heinz Ketchup, one bottle of sweet relish and one bottle of yellow mustard separately. These conveniently-packed items will make you the hit of any barbecue or gathering where the smell of hot dogs, hamburgers or any of the many great foods that these products complement lures you in.

Why Choose the Heinz Picnic Pack?

Heinz has been an American icon for decades. Few can remember family picnics without the presence of these delicious products. This convenient package is great for any gathering and ideal in its composition. The pack contains two bottles of ketchup because what isn't better with a bit of Heinz Ketchup use on french fries, sandwiches of all sorts and of course hot dogs and hamburgers? The relish and mustard accompany the ketchup and make the pack ideal for hamburgers and hot dogs. This pack is great for tailgating at the game, barbecues or just satisfying the cravings of your family at the dinner table.

No One Grows Ketchup Like Heinz

For many consumers, there is only one brand of ketchup that will do and that brand is undeniably Heinz. Heinz mustard and relish are equally delicious and the go-to brand for many condiment lovers. Heinz products are made of simple ingredients; for example, Heinz Tomato Ketchup is made of red ripe tomatoes, vinegar, salt, sugar and spices.

Where Else Can I Use the Heinz Picnic Pack?

Don't think that the Heinz Picnic Pack (4pk.) is just for barbecues. This convenient package contains just the right amount of condiments for your church fundraiser, company picnic, family gathering or even your neighborhood yard sale. A hot dog or hamburger is just not the same with these Heinz condiments.