Pacific Blue Basic Recycled Paper Towel Roll, Brown, 800 Feet, 6 Rolls...

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Pacific Blue Basic Recycled Paper Towel Roll, Brown, 800 Feet, 6 Rolls (26301)



Universal Paper Roll Towels are an essential supply, and often the most economical way, for away-from-home facilities to meet their hand-drying and light cleaning needs. Universal roll towels come in white and brown colors, with recycled content options available, and varying lengths to meet the capacity needs of various businesses and work areas. They are essentially a single, long piece of towel wound tightly to get the maximum length on a single roll and are often referred to as “hardwound roll towels.” Because the towel sheet is not perforated, or ‘perfed’, universal roll towels are dispensed from a dispenser that has a cutting blade built inside so the worker can tear off the amount of towel they need for the job at hand.

What's a Pacific Blue Basic Recycled Hardwound Paper Towel Roll?

These towels thickness and strength is ideal for hand drying, wiping and general cleaning. These towels fit a range of ‘universal roll towel’ dispensers that are mounted on the wall and are often provided by towel manufacturers. The systems range from roll lengths of 350’, 800’ and 1,000’ for areas that experience high volume and surges of activity like a shift-change in a manufacturing facility or changing of classes at a large school.

Information About the Company

GP PRO is a division of Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products. We deliver well-designed, durable and easy-to-maintain professional solutions to meet the handwashing and cleaning needs for a range of business applications.


  • Envision® brand is now Pacific Blue Basic
  • DEPENDABLE absorbency, thickness and strength ideal for hand drying, wiping and general cleaning
  • ECONOMICAL to help you keep costs under control
  • SUSTAINABLE paper towel made with 100% recovered fiber, including a minimum of 50% post-consumer content and GreenSeal® certified for reduced environmental impact.
  • COMPATIBLE with most standard, hardwound roll paper towel dispensers

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